Threats & Security Assessments

Threat and security assessments are tailored for private residences, corporate facilities, special events, and equipment. Clients are provided with a written evaluation and recommendations regarding their security status and needs.

Manmade & Natural Disaster Security

CSG’s entire guard personnel are equipped with enhanced training and have the ability to promptly respond to large scale accidents or natural disasters such as construction zone accidents, hurricanes, or earthquakes. Our logistical specialist coordinate personnel deployment, housing, work assignments of each employee when deployed.

Escort & Transport Security

Highly trained armed security officers are available for ground and air movement of high value assets such as; money, jewelry, art, and gold. We also provide escorts for transportation of detainees such as prisoners. CSG’s services are available to private and governmental agencies therefore lowering operational costs, while providing safety and accountability for every transport.

Remote Camera Monitoring and Surveillance

CSG’s highly trained dispatchers conduct various types of remote / virtual patrols, monitoring and surveillance for and governmental, corporate, transportation, retail and residential community clients.

Reception & Concierge Services

Professionally dressed personnel, with reception and concierge training, bilingual communications skills, a pleasant demeanor, and a helpful attitude are available for condominium, hotel, apartments, retail, business, government facilities, corporations, and other clients seeking this service.


CSG’s instructors and training staff are State of Florida Certified, police and military experts that provide clear teachings from a wealth of experience. Both State of Florida required curriculum and quality specialized course are presented to develop and enhance guard’s skills, competence, and the quality of the students. All security personnel are provided with site specific skills, customer relations, emergency and medical training, providing a friendly and safe environment.

Pricing Structure

Economy Level

Economy Guards are priced between $13.75 & $14.75 per hour unarmed, and $16.75 through $18.95 armed. Economy level offers guards were a presence is needed. This level of service is recommended when a client’s budget is minimal and for accounts that do not require much interaction with the general public, residents, clients, vendors or merchants. Example of the economy level being used would be in a raw construction sites, where the guard is assigned to keep trespassers, vandals, or burglars out. Supervision is provided through GPS tracking and Remote Monitoring.

Standard level

Standard Guards are priced between $15.00 & $15.75 per hour unarmed, and $17.50 through $18.25 armed. Standard level offers guards were interaction and communications are needed to deter and protect. Standard Guards have knowledge of alarm panels, access control, and security systems. This level of service is recommended to a variety of clients who require guards to interact with the general public, residents, vendors and merchants. Typical Standard level services include many residential communities, shopping centers, office buildings, commercial accounts and government entities. Supervision is provided through GPS Tracking, Remote monitoring, and routine/random road supervisor checkups.

Premier level

Premier Guards are priced at $15.75 per hour and up unarmed, and $18.75 or higher armed. Premier level offers guards with top quality training and skills with several years of experience and knowledge specified for the needed account. We generally recommend the premier level for clients who require a consistent high level of services and high-profile security needs. Typically, the premier level service includes upscale residential communities and luxury condominiums, Class A office buildings, commercial accounts that employ state-of-the-art security systems, Financial institutions, and certain government contracts. Premier level is Highly supervised position tracked through GPS, Remote Monitoring, supervisor check-ups, and regular run-through meetings to guarantee all security needs are being satisfied and surpassed.

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