Who are we?

Centurion Security Group is a licensed security agency stationed at Miami, Florida. Owned and operated by retired Military Law Enforcement & special operations, Miami Dade Police and finally High Value Asset Recovery Specialist personnel. Together we have over 120 years of combined experience on how to protect and guard any location, asset, or personnel.

Our Story

In CSG was developed to provide a timely response, competent personnel, and competitive pricing for a range of services.

CSG is adaptable, since situations and requirements can change at a moment’s notice. Our Managers and Supervisors can respond 24/7 with the authority to address the needs of any situation and needs of our clients.

Our Mission

In CSG our mission is to become the premier protection partner. Providing effective multi-layered security services by incorporating innovative ideas and integrative technological solutions that can be easily customized, upgraded, and optimized to adapt to the ever changing and evolving security threats.

CSG delivers dedication and commitment to service, pride and professionalism in the performance of our duties, and customized technological innovations. We mix trained and qualified security officers with electronic access control systems, which can be integrated with technologies such as; TWIC readers, RFID-Tracking systems, HD IP-Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) systems with all around the clock remote monitoring, and much more. CSG has a never-ending goal to continue to find new ways to provide immediate responsive and extremely flexible partnerships with our clients.

At CSG our client’s needs are top priority and can be managed and curated to fit in their budget. Centurion will not dictate an hourly rate to clients, instead we provide pricing information and how it relates to each specific level of service. We then accept your needs and confirm rate and level of service within our three levels we offer; Economy, Standard, and Premier packs.

Meet the Team

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Edward Heflin


Maria Ortega

Chief Operating Officer

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